Sequels, adaptions and so on.

We’ve been asked a sensible question by email so I’m putting our answer here for the next time someone asks the same sensible question: Can I use the novel I wrote with you guys and the team(as part of White Water Writers) as the basis for future work I do? Like writing a sequal or turning it into a play? The very most acurate answer is: we don’t know. We’re… Read Article →

Improvements to White Water Writers eBooks

To report a small internal success: I rewrote the code behind White Water Writers so that it automatically generates a well-formed ebook at the same time as the print-ready pdf that we send to Amazon. This means that we can upload them seperately rather than relying on Amazon to convert our nicely-formatted pdf into a ebook. The reason this was necessary was because Amazon’s automatic conversion has been causing problems… Read Article →

The REAL Implications of Project REAL

It doesn’t seem five minutes since my last update, but I am aware it has been a lot longer; time flies when you are enjoying a project! It has been all go the past couple of months with Project Real…. we are now starting to see the REAL implications of Project REAL, which are fantastic and really emphasise the importance of this project! The co-creation was a success and the… Read Article →

Accounts for 2019-2020

Our accounts for 2019-2020 are in the accounts folder! An exciting part of this year’s accounts was that we prepared them ourselves and had them independently examined, this: Saved us a reasonable amount in accountants fees Meant that there is a much closer relationship between the accounts we submit and the internal state of our systems. Meant that we can produce the accounts to our own style (which is as… Read Article →

New Flowers For Turing Website

One of the small projects of the last few months has been the complete rebuilding of the Flowers For Turing website. It started as a small migration project – I’m a bit unhappy with our current webhost and wordpress in general so I wanted to move it to Github Pages site. Of course, while actually doing the mirgation, I discovered five year old typos, poor layers, entirely missing pages, and… Read Article →

Having a problem with Amazon pay by invoice?

This is one of those posts to help people searching google for a particular problem, it’s not relevent to eQuality Time or it’s projects more generally. We have a credit line with Amazon so that we can pay by bank transfer (vital for charities that need two signitories on any outgoing spend). During the pandemic, we weren’t buying anything, so Amazon reduced our credit limit to £0 automatically. So, you… Read Article →

Instagram Influencers Influencing Co-Creation

Wow! What a REELY interesting and exciting start to the Fake News Project! Now, you may be a social media enthusiast, you may just think I can’t spell, or you may simply have missed my spelling ‘mistake’ in the past sentence. But actually there’s a reason for this ‘mistake’. Reels are an element of Instagram and this week has been all about Instagram influencers!  (Side Note: Spelling mistakes can indicate… Read Article →

More on Google Ads

Remember that we got a grant and we weren’t sure what to make of it? Well rather a lot has happened since then. I wrote a post on the Media Trust website: We received a Google Ad Grant recently, that’s pretty cool. We think. Like, it’s $10,000 a month worth of ads, which is clearly awesome, but we’ve never really engaged with that sort of thing at all before. Plus,… Read Article →

Thoughts on Furlough

By Joe Reddington, COO I’m currently furloughed. I was completely furloughed for most of the pandemic and I’m now part-furloughed since that became part of the scheme. I work a limited number of hours a week. I also keep being asked how I feel about it, so I ‘ve put my thoughts together here. It is, absolutely, the best thing for the charity. It’s also the best thing for my… Read Article →

Finace Upgrades

A good rule for life is ‘if you have to do something regularly, make it easier for yourself next time’. One of the things we have to do regularly at eQuality Time is put the accounts in order. It’s got a lot smoother over the last few years. Proper use of Quickbooks, sending staff off to learn accounting, and increasing the amount of accounting knowledge on our board have all… Read Article →