Cover Artists Wanted!

We’re looking for artists. At MCM in October I saw various artists selling custom sketches for £20-£35 and thought “£50 worth of that sort of art would be good enough for us to use as a cover for White Water Writers books”.   So I contacted a bunch and we’ve had some awesome covers come through that I’m really pleased with. We’ve got several artists we’re now working with but… Read Article →

This is rubbish

In February we developed and applied for funding for a new project about improving recycling. You can see the developement at application here. I’ve now got around to blogging about it. This is rubbish increases recycling in a local area by working face-to-face with residents to give them the information, feedback, and, dare I say, competitive incentive to do so. The short pitch goes like this: “Sam wants to recycle,… Read Article →

New Project: Caesar Bond!

We’ve been working on a new issue project recently. We didn’t realise we were, we thought we were doing one of the old ones but it kind of got carried away. We started out by bringing White Water Writers to inmates at several prisons. This presents difficulties: the process is *highly* collaborative, and for a range of sensible reasons, inmates aren’t allowed to collaborate on documents. surprisingly (to us) you… Read Article →

White Water Writers Research

I’m delighted to share some research into White Water Writers peformed by one of our experienced leaders. The executive summary is: All of us are subject to dominant narratives. These are ideas of what is normal, accepted behaviour and attitudes. Dominant narratives are culturally constructed and resistant to change. Personal narratives are associated with identity and are constructed by ourselves. If personal narratives disagree with dominant ones, psychological distress may… Read Article →

Organisational Budget for 2019-2020

We’ve prepared the organisational budget for 2019-2020 (our year starts on September 1st so this blog is less late than it sounds). As part of that process we ran our first proper ‘variance analysis’ (or ‘I compared the budget to the actual spend’) for the last organisational budget and you can see it at  BudgetvsActualsForThisYear.  The variance analysis wasn’t actually complete because the year hadn’t ended and there were various… Read Article →

Long answer to a short funding question

Wrote this because we’ve been asked a simple question in a funding application wanted to put the reasoning somewhere in case we were asked about it in future. We’ve got this question (it’s for Children In Need) Over the duration of your project, how many children and young people in total will benefit from your project? Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total      We’re applying for funds to… Read Article →

White Water Writers Wordcounts

Quick post because I found a file in our dropbox that hadn’t been processed properly. I checked how word count changed over time for 20 white water writers camps over a reasonable period. The camps are all (I think) early secondary school: the outliers are groups with particularly difficult circumstances.  This is what the chart looks like: (this is all very rough btw, I crunched the numbers in excel and… Read Article →

Flowers for Turing Report 2019

Note, this post would normally appear on the website, but I’m currently, ahem, locked out of that wordpress installation… So, this is what Alan Turing’s Status looked like on his birthday! You did this, once again you came together and did this, and you raised £2,100.15 for Special Effect. Accounting! Okay, the accounting part: We were again approached by a private donor, who, at our advice, sent £1,000 to… Read Article →