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New Release Notes: The Open Voice Factory Enhancements

New Release Notes: The Open Voice Factory Enhancements We’re delighted to announce a bundle of updates to The Open Voice Factory that will enhance user experience and functionality, particularly in relation to feedback, error handling, and usability. Notable Enhancements 1. Improved User Feedback and Logging The most obvious change is the upload page now has […]

IMPS3 Update

Some updates to IMPS3 that leaders should know about. Germinate Speed Germinations were taking quite a long time. They are now back down to 4 seconds or so now that I’ve cleared out the database. Germination Safety Historically IMPS3 was extremely paranoid about overwriting work. If you wanted to start a camp with slug “happy” […]


I put up an internal project on Github at It’s been getting a reasonable amount of use internally and I took some time today (more than I intended) to tidy it up for public sharing. There isn’t really a long term plan for it (it breaks down large tasks in a way that is […]

Site Migration

This last week I finally moved the website away from Dreamhost. It’s taken a remarkably long time but has been extremely beneficial. Part of the problem was that we were using Dreamhost to do lots and lots of different things, and many of those programs shared domains or filespace. Picking it apart was tricky. […]

KDP – Error processing interior

We have accidentally turned into experts in KDP publishing at eQuality Time, so it’s always interesting to find a problem we haven’t come accross before. The book we’re looking at is actually my own book, but I’m using it as a case study. I recently found a typo in a book I published so I […]

Open Voice Factory Update

We’ve ticked off a long-awaited goal today and upgraded the ‘success page’ for the Open Voice Factory. For serveral years users have gone from this nice site: To this functional but barren thing: Today we finally updated that, now people are sent to this success page: This isn’t just a cosmetic change – we’ve also […]

We’ve released the Tightrope resources

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our the “Security for Changemakers” course! Our six-session course is designed to equip students aged 16-18 with the skills they need to stay safe while advocating for change in their communities. We recognize that many of the young people we work with are passionate about creating […]

Why are kdp books ‘currently unavailable’

We’ve published almost 300 books on Amazon’s kdp platform, and more and more regularly we see this on books we’ve just published: “Currently unavailable” This is really strange: Amazon uses a print-on-demand (POD) system, which means that when a book is ordered, it is printed and shipped directly from the printing facility. This is a […]