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We’re doing our second field trial of IMPS3 this week. This trial was the first one done with a school rather than a university, and the first time we’ve run it without Joe, who wrote the code, on site. I’m really optimistic about it – I’m looking forward to a new age with our writers […]

CommuniKate Link Up

One of the projects we maintain is CommuniKate. It’s an open-licensed page set for use in AAC devices. Notably, it was the first such page set and thus gets used in lots of small (and large – see e.g. Optikey) open source AAC software systems. We got a lovely message last week to say that […]

Risk Assessment

We’re planning on moving The Open Voice Factory to a new server in a few weeks. and so I’ve reviewed and updated the Risk Assessment for the software. You can read it below. We’ve always had a very very very hands-off attitdue to data for the Open Voice Factory – we don’t collect data on […]

Our very own writing platform: IMPS 3

This week we published a book and used a new experimental (and very cool) collaborative writing platform to do it.  On Friday we published Catherine’s Canvas. It was written by a group of creative writing students at UCLAN, and it’s a dark tale of murder and abuse.  It’s always awesome to watch writers grow as […]

Landing page

We ran a Google Optimize test over the last month. We tested four variants of the White Water Writers homepage to see which one was most ‘effective’. In this example ‘effective’ means ‘sent people to the contact page’. The result was fascinating. So, when we started the test, the White Water Writers landing page had […]

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

We aquired our first Duke of Edinburgh Award volenteer recently: it’s been a fascinating experience. Partly because there’s a lot I apparently don’t remember since I picked up my own Gold Award (I was completely taken aback by how much it costs), but also because working with a young volenteer is quite the adventure. Here’s […]