In the last three years I’ve written 31 references for employers who are interested in employing one of my former White Water Writer camp leaders.  I’ve written effectively the same email/had the same conversation in all of those cases and it’s time to write it up so I can send future references to this page. If someone has been a leader on one of my camps it means that they:… Read Article →

Launching a new White Water Writers homepage!

Over the last few days I’ve complately rebuilt It was a very generic site advertising an academic project to strangers and now it’s for our writers to see the results of their work. It took quite the mental shift to go from ‘we are running educational interventions’ to ‘we are a publisher that runs social interventions’ and the website change is part of that shift. We might lose a… Read Article →

Would you like to be a trustee?

We’re looking for trustees! eQuality Time would like to add two to four new trustees over the next few months, both to replace trustees that have moved on and as part of a general desire to continually bring fresh views in. We are looking for individuals who can offer the following: A commitment to the organisation A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort – we meet once a… Read Article →

eQuality Time coronavirus response

At their meeting on 1st April,  eQuality Time’s trustees decided to put the COO (the only current member of staff) into furlough from the 6th April. The decision process and reasoning are covered in this briefing document that was written ahead of the meeting: eQuality Time Coronovirus Response. Until 6th of April, the COO will be spending his time making sure that any project partners or volenteers  have everything they… Read Article →


For the next few months eQuality Time is going to be focusing it’s efforts on a complete rewrite of the code for the Open Voice Factory, as well as experimenting with creating virtual White Water Writer camps. There’s a lot of reasons for the rewrite: The old github repo is extremely large because it contains quite a lot of versioned PowerPoint files and other ‘stuff’ – we want a much… Read Article →

Analysis of White Water Writers Camp costs

Today I’m looking into the proper costs of a White Water Writers camp.  I periodically do back-of-the-envelope calculations for quoting invidual camps but it was about time that I got some proper numbers involved. I’m doing it publically for all the normal reasons and one extra one: it might help some organisations tailor their requests a bit and say things like “Can we have more books, but give you access… Read Article →

2030 Strategic Plan

We’ve completed out 2030 Strategic Plan! You can read it here. Edit: this was written before COVID. It should be considered ‘asperational’.

Slides from CM2019

Joe presented at Communication Matters this year and we’ve just realised we didn’t make the slides available (well, they are on the web, we didn’t link to them). Our bad: Our abstract is: Last year Comic Relief gave us £45,000 to make copyright-free resources for AAC.  We made what we thought would work, interviewed some AAC VIPs and then found out that we’d built the wrong thing.  So we made… Read Article →

Cover Artists Wanted!

We’re looking for artists. At MCM in October I saw various artists selling custom sketches for £20-£35 and thought “£50 worth of that sort of art would be good enough for us to use as a cover for White Water Writers books”.   So I contacted a bunch and we’ve had some awesome covers come through that I’m really pleased with. We’ve got several artists we’re now working with but… Read Article →

This is rubbish

In February we developed and applied for funding for a new project about improving recycling. You can see the developement at application here. I’ve now got around to blogging about it. This is rubbish increases recycling in a local area by working face-to-face with residents to give them the information, feedback, and, dare I say, competitive incentive to do so. The short pitch goes like this: “Sam wants to recycle,… Read Article →