IMPS3 Update

Some updates to IMPS3 that leaders should know about.

Germinate Speed

Germinations were taking quite a long time. They are now back down to 4 seconds or so now that I’ve cleared out the database.

Germination Safety

Historically IMPS3 was extremely paranoid about overwriting work. If you wanted to start a camp with slug “happy” then IMPS3 would refuse to do anything if there was a pad called “happybirthday” even if it wasn’t going to clash.

We first improved the reporting. If we start with these files

…then germinating the Seed will give you this error message that lets you know which files are a problem.

However, if you start with these files:

…then germinate will run happily and produce a proper dashboard for you:

Significantly, this means you can now try the slug ‘StJosephs2023update’ if #f1f1f1’StJosephs2023′ failed

There will be more improvements to this area shortly – in particularly I’m going to look into being able to overwrite files that haven’t yet been edited at all and also give the germinating user the choice to overwrite certain files. Eventually I’d like to merge the seed file and the ordering file into one.


This is a very silly thing to mention but I like it – all pages related to White Water Writers including the pads, the dashboard and the website itself, now have a little favicon at the top, and I’ve also added it to the pads:

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