Update to the Open Voice Factory

The Open Voice Factory has had an update, the start of a few we have planned over the next few months. It should be invisible to users – it’s mostly been changes to the internals so that things work more efficiently.

Mildly worryingly the above paragraph is directly copy-pasted from our last blog post about an update. We promise we quite like the idea of new features, but it’s also important to make sure the underlying software is as solid as possible.

The actual update is from this commit, to this commit. It includes:

  • The introduction of test cases for php
  • The improvement of the python regression test reporting – the code now tells you all the files that failed comparission (rather than the just the first) and prints out the commands to compare them with diff tools.
  • Refactoring out a persistent but untimately unecessary dependency that was wrapped right around the main code.
    • As a result, the uncovering of a minor bug that affected our Arabic pageset.
  • Begining to improve the ‘success’ page that you see when you create an aid. Much more to do there.

The next major things on our roadmap are to completely revamp the ‘success’ (and indeed ‘failure’) pages that you see after a pageset has been uploaded. Then, it’s working on Google Ads to drive a little more traffic our way.