Over the last few months we’ve moved all our online projects away from Dreamhost and over to Amazon Web Services. It was a steep learning curve of various sysadmin tasks but we had outgrown Dreamhost by some margin and had dealt with enough poor customer service to make it satisfying to leave.

There have been some immediate and obvious benefits. It would have been extremely difficult to build IMPS3 on Dreamhost for a start. The Open Voice Factory hasn’t had as obvious a change, but it now runs faster and I’ve got much better access to build it up.

We’ve been migrating other projects away from Dreamhost for some time. Static sites like Flowers For Turing and Project Real have been hosted on Github Pages for a while. That has the advantage of being free, and letting any passing nerd pop by and create a pull request to fix any typos or errors.

The migration isn’t yet complete – itself remains on Dreamhost – there will be a final tidy up in the future.