We’ve released the Tightrope resources

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our the “Security for Changemakers” course!

Our six-session course is designed to equip students aged 16-18 with the skills they need to stay safe while advocating for change in their communities. We recognize that many of the young people we work with are passionate about creating positive change, whether it’s pushing for a new local climbing wall, fighting for animal rights, or campaigning for safer cycling lanes. With the support of our funders, we’ve been able to create a course that addresses the unique challenges faced by young people who are trying to create change.

The “Security for Changemakers” course covers essential topics such as digital security, physical safety, and legal considerations. We’ve developed engaging lesson plans, handouts, and interactive activities that can be tailored to the specific needs of different classrooms. One 6th Form Teacher shared their experience with our course, saying, “You have made a potentially intimidating topic area very easy to teach.”

The course materials are all free to download (and change!) at www.tightrope.co.uk and we’re excited to hear from teachers using the materials with their students!