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Balance sheet at the start of 2019

As per our previous post, we’re making a big effort to improve our finance systems at eQuality Time.   As part of this, we’ve changed how we look at financial statements internally. We believe in transparency at eQuality Time, so here’s our Current Balance Sheet.  Once we’ve got a few more months of good practice under […]

Open Voice Factory has updated

Following some fairly intensive work by testers (thank you everbody!), we’ve updated the Open Voice Factory as well as its CommuniKate templates. This has fixed one bug made one design change, and added one feature. The bug was relatively simple – the colour wasn’t been read from some PowerPoint cells correctly, which meant that they […]

Supertitle Phase 2: report

The Supertitle project is one of our key ideas at eQuality Time and it’s also the only one that’s younger than eQuality Time itself. It’s been entirely developed in public view. We’ve run sessions in 10 schools so far, working with around 60 students in six languages. We’ve made our materials and our technology better […]