How we ask for money

This is the set of times we’ve asked for money for things we want to do.
It gives us information about what we have tried to do so far,  and that can help us decide things in future.
We share it because it might help people who have the same plans.  Also, people who like us can look at this table and say “I think ‘This person’ would give you money to do ‘This Thing'”.    If you are one of those people and you have any ideas, please get in touch.
Funder Applicable Project Amount Date/Number Status Type of Application
PCC TooManyCooks £2,000.00 1 Funded Form
Unltd SuperTitle £6,000.00 3 Denied Form
London Catalyst – Special Interest Grant The Open Voice Factory £2,500.00 4 Funded Interview (after form)
National Lottery: Awards for all SuperTitle £8,995.00 5 Funded Form
Inclusive Tech Prize The Open Voice Factory £2,000.00 6 Funded Presentation (after form)
Awesome Foundation The Open Voice Factory £1,000.00 7 Funded Presentation (after form)
Post code comuniter TooManyCooks £4,250.00 8 Denied Form
Inclusive Tech Prize Stage 2 The Open Voice Factory £10,000.00 10 Funded Presentation (after form)
Heritage lottery fund WikiLocalHero £8,345.00 11 Denied Form
ShackletonFoundation SuperTitle £10,000.00 12 Missed Deadline Form
Heritage lottery fund WikiLocalHero £8,345.00 12 Denied again Form
Bethnal Green Ventures The Open Voice Factory £15,000.00 13 Abandoned Form
Unltd The Open Voice Factory £6,000.00 14 Abandoned Form
Grants for the Arts TooManyCooks £15,000.00 15 Denied Form
Inclusive Tech Prize Stage 3 The Open Voice Factory £50,000.00 16 Funded Presentation
Google Grants for Disability The Open Voice Factory ??? 07/09/2015 Denied Online Form
Paul Hamlyn SuperTitle £33,444.00 28/10/2015 Denied Form
Haley Stewart SuperTitle £33,444.00 13/11/2015 Denied Form
Tudor Supertitle £25,000.00 11/12/2015 Denied Letter
Trust for London 10000 Children £33,444.00 04/02/2016 Denied Form
Open technology fund The Open Voice Factory £56,000.00 18/02/2016 Denied Form
Paul Hamlyn (resubmission) SuperTitle £33,444.00 11/07/2016 Waiting Form
Haley Stewart (resubmission) SuperTitle £33,444.00 11/07/2016 Denied Form
DRILL The Open Voice Factory £37,400.00 26/07/2016 Denied Form
Guys and St Thomases Trust Superhero Cyborgs £34,191.00 06/09/2016 Denied Form
Baily Thomas Charitable Fund Domesday! £4,600.00 27/09/2016 Denied Letter
Hackaday Prize The Open Voice Factory £1,000.00 30/09/2016 Denied Webpage
Grants for the Arts (resubmission) TooManyCooks £15,000.00 01/11/2016 Denied Form
Children in Need Supertitle £8,000.00 10/03/2016 Denied Form/Phone call
What we notice is this:
We do much much better when the ‘ask’ is in person, rather than by form.  That might mean that we should work much harder on our forms.
When we first started, we asked for small bits of money for things and some of those did well. When we got a little bigger, we asked for much more money and that did less well. Maybe we thought we grew faster than we did.
I think we will have more ‘wins’ if we ask for slightly smaller bits of money, and if we work hard to find things that need us to ask in person.
(written with xkcd Simple Writer)

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