Reporting on our finances

One of the cool parts of the Comic Relief bid that we won was that they ring fenced some money for us to spend on hiring a consultant to improve our policies and procedures.

This was really good, like everybody else we assume that we’re mostly on top of everything: accounts filed on time, thorought checking of expanse claims, keeping our spending under budget; but we intend to grow, and that means we’ll have to change how we work.

So we hired a consultant (you can see the process we went through on this public github issue) and he interviewed and reviewed and did a lot of good work.  He’s produced a comprehensive report that you can look at here.  It’s pretty bruising in places (there are 18 actions we need to take with Very High Priority) but it’s also correct and it’s work we need to do if we want to grow and really deliver for our users.

We’re going to be doing quite a bit of work on these actions over the next little while and, hopefully, when the consultant comes back to check on us in Spring, we’ll have moved a lot futher forward.



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