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Claudia Romero and family

Claudia Romero: CAPR Style

Claudia Romero runs the startup company CAPR Style, which produces specially modified clothing for children with additional needs. She has been kind enough to tell us her story in this guest post.

Guest Post: Christiane Link, Up-Down London

  When I was in Vienna some time ago, a good friend of mine showed me Updownvienna.com. This is a web page where you can see at a glance which lifts of Vienna’s tube system are out of service. I was hooked. I wanted to have something like that for London. I am a wheelchair user and daily user of public transport. I have lost count the of number of… Read Article →

Perceptions’ Power to Influence Self-Image

Terminology found in mainstream news stories about disabilities encompasses the tone behind generally accepted disability perceptions. Words like “sufferer” and “victim” indicate negativity. To those in the disability community who don’t know better, such language can lead to “poor me” mentalities. Personally I used to maintain said attitude. Hi! I’m Zachary Fenell, an author and freelance writer living with mild cerebral palsy (CP). In my teen memoir Off Balanced, I… Read Article →

A Square Peg, A Round Hole & Sandpaper

I should introduce myself first, give you a bit of background on why I think I should be able to talk to you with any sense of authority or kudos. You see, I’m not highly qualified in disability, I’ve not done a degree in disability studies, read all there is to read about disability rights and issues or even lived in institutions designed to support people with disabilities.   What… Read Article →

Let’s acknowledge siblings of disabled children

Today’s guest post is on a issue that is very dear to me and to a lot of people I care about. Everyone should pay attention. I’ve touched on the overwhelming dominance of (well-written, touching, and insightful) disability blogs written from the point of view of a parent, and it’s really nice to find a charity like Sibs that looks at things a little differently. Today’s guest blogger is Monica… Read Article →

Guest Post: Andrew Crooks on National Children and Adults Services Conference 2013

Note from Joe: We had such a positive response to our earlier guest post on metal health, that I’m going to try and arrange a few more guest posts on a regular basis. If you are interested then please let me know, particularly if you have a different opinion to something I’ve written – I do like to get a balanced view. Today’s post is from Andrew Crooks, who recently… Read Article →

Guest Post: Risk in mental health by Pickle

Note from Joe: over the last few months I’ve been more and more aware that I know very little about the interaction between mental disability and mental health. (I’ve also been deeply astonished by people in both camps very much ‘washing their hands’ of the other.  I’m pressuming I can’t be the only one embassed by this so I’ve asked `Pickle’ to do a couple of guest blogs on mental… Read Article →