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Flowers for Turing TEDx talk

  Last year, I gave a talk at the University of York about the Flowers for Turing project.  Here’s the video that’s just been released.  Hope you all enjoy it.

On consent in AAC user testing

We’re in the process of running some user-testing for CommuniKate and AzuleJoe.   User testing is an interesting proposition for the sort of things that we are building given the extreme ranges of situations that people in AAC deal with. User-testing is that thing that designers don’t want to do because they know their design will work.  And user-testing just wastes time.  The world is littered with the bones of people… Read Article →

AzuleJoe Hacking

The purpose of this post is to show you how easy it is for a hobbyist to retarget AzuleJoe with nothing but Paint and Notepad. Motivation The injection of the Inclusive Technology Prize money has meant that I have been able to spend a lot of time recently developing on AzuleJoe – it’s moving forward on a variety of fronts and there will be a couple of proper announcement posts… Read Article →

Project Update: Supertitle

So the Supertitle Project is starting to rise up a little bit, and it’s time to talk about where it is right now.  As you know, the Project was funded by the National Lottery to expand it into a broader piloting/research stage.  This means three things for me: We need to find a group of schools that are willing to get involved with a relatively untested project. I need to… Read Article →

London Catalyst

  AzuleJoe and CommuniKate have won some funding from  London Catalyst. London Catalyst are been a really interesting group to work with actually – before our application was considered by the trustees the CEO interviewed us at their offices to get a bit more of a sense of the projects and the bid. I think this is a fantastic system; I’m constantly amazed that grant committees can get a real… Read Article →

Funding Success – Awards for all and Supertitle!

So I’ve the last few months I’ve been talking a little about the Supertitle project,  We introduced the concept, talked a little bit about the prototype and dealt with our first funding rejection. As a bit of a change of fortunes.  This turned up in the post: Awards for all have given eQuality Time £8,995 to pilot the project across London.  The grant covers equipment, training, publicity, and has ring-fenced budgets… Read Article →

John Pring Headshot

John Pring

We finish our series interviewing disability journalists with John Pring, an experienced journalist who has been reporting on disability issues for nearly 20 years. John launched Disability News Service in April 2009 as an independent news agency to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people.  He’s also the author of Longcare Survivors: The Biography of… Read Article →

Dan Parton

Second in our series interviewing disability journalists is Dan Parton, editor of Learning Disability Today, the go-to magazine and website for learning disability news. Dan was kind enough to get to my questions on a busy day.  As you’ll probably work out from the first question – this interview was conducted a few months ago – Dan was the most prompt reply. 🙂   JR: So you are fresh from… Read Article →

Frances Ryan

Kicking off our series on ‘voices in disability’ we have Frances Ryan! Frances Ryan writes for both for The Guardian and New Statesman as well as occasionally appearing on shows such as Sunday Politics, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, and Radio 5Live. She has a doctorate in politics, exploring inequality in education. She tweets as @DrFrancesRyan and her website is Interestingly the Guardian doesn’t have a set Disability correspondent. I picked… Read Article →

Interview Time!

So it’s time for another series of interviews.   I’ve actually been working on this one for a while but schedules being schedules, it’s only now that we’ve reached the point were it has come together. This one is a little bit more subtle than previous series; when I interviewed the Minister for Disability, his Shadow, and the other party spokespersons about disability it’s very clear that they have a… Read Article →