Funding Success – Awards for all and Supertitle!

So I’ve the last few months I’ve been talking a little about the Supertitle project,  We introduced the concept, talked a little bit about the prototype and dealt with our first funding rejection.
As a bit of a change of fortunes.  This turned up in the post:
letter from Awards for All awarding funding to Supertitle
Awards for all have given eQuality Time £8,995 to pilot the project across London.  The grant covers equipment, training, publicity, and has ring-fenced budgets for all the little bits of overhead that an organisation runs into – things like insurance, accounting, and so on.
We’re a transparent organisation, so we can show you the original application form (with some parts, like director’s addresses redacted).  The intention is that we make as much of the process transparent as possible, so you might get some fairly boring posts coming up over the next few months.
This is a big boost for us, we’ve actually known about it for a few months but we’ve been waiting Award’s for All’s permission to announce.  We’ll be looking for schools for a full pilot soon, so do please get in contact if you are interested.
As you can see by the date of the letter – this post was going to go out months ago – indeed, I thought it had. It was only when I did the logo post and tried to refer back to this one that I realised it was missing… 

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