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Kate and Joe holding a tablet in front of an 'inclusive technology Prize' sign

Inclusive Technology Prize finalists!

    Bit of an announcement – AzuleJoe, has been chosen as one of the ten finalists for the Inclusive Prize (we’ve known for a little while, but the embargo has only just been lifted). We’d reached the semi-finals a few months ago, I didn’t do a post on it at the time for a few reasons – I didn’t feel it was interesting enough for the readers, and it… Read Article →

Fail post: Supertitle Funding

I’m very keen to run eQuality Time as an absolutely transparent organisation, and this includes the failures as well as the successes. So I’ve the last few months I’ve been talking a little about the Supertitle project,  We introduced the concept, then we talked a little bit about the prototype.  I’ve also been trying to get a little bit of funding to develop the project Our first funding application was… Read Article →

Dining room

Christine is one of our regular writers – she focuses on topics related to eating disorders. My toes feel cold against the blue linoleum floor. I smile as I think of the word – linoooleeeium. How it curves and gloops along my tongue like the spread on my overly buttered toast. This is my new hobby. Saying words verrr-yyy slooooow-ly. Feeling everything verrr-yyyy sloooooow-ly. Doing it all slowly. There is… Read Article →

Prototyping Supertitle

A few months ago I showed you this project for school students with English as an additional language. It was designed as a subtitling intervention to boost both educational standards and community integration.  I’m quite excited about it. Today’s article is about the initial prototyping stages, I’m going to talk about both the things that went well and the things that went wrong. Finding Schools For White Water Writers I regularly… Read Article →

IsoSketch: read about and win!

  This year I was somewhat grumpily wandering around BETT (it having changed very little from last time) when I was accosted by a stallholder.  I grumpily tried out the product and found myself actually quite impressed with it as a simple but solid idea.  I’ve invited Mark to talk about the design process here, but I’m first going to show you the ‘what it is video’:   (there are lots… Read Article →

CommuniKate, AzuleJoe and the Awesome Foundation.

The idea of launching CommuniKate as the first open licensed AAC page set was conceived exactly here, when Kate and I had dinner after BETT2014 (you can read my opinions of the event itself here). So it was kind of nice that, exactly one year later, that Kate and I were invited to pitch CommuniKate to the Awesome Foundation. The Awesome Foundation If you are unfamiliar with the Awesome Foundation… Read Article →

Anne Fox, Communication Trust.

Today, as part of our series on interviewing leaders in the third sector, we’re pleased to be interviewing the ever lovely Anne Fox from the Communication Trust. The Communication Trust is a coalition of almost 50 not-for-profit organisations that work together to  support speech, language and communication. Anne has been running the Communication Trust since 2012 and she was kind enought to make some time to answer our questions 🙂… Read Article →

CommuniKate: Vision

So, The CommuniKate Project is about one year old, and it’s been released about three months now, to much more of a pleasant reaction than we expected.  A few weeks ago Kate and I sat down in Tibbits with the back of an envelope and worked out where we want to go (AzuleJoe has its own goals, more on that in another post). There are three things: universal formats; different ability versions and,… Read Article →

Supertitle, a project for school students with English as an additional language.

So I’ve been ‘incubating a new project. It’s existed within eQuality Time as a concept for a while and over the last few months I’ve been making connections around it and putting things into place. It’s time at this stage to put the ‘broad brushstrokes’ out there. The intent of this article is to describe a problem space and present the strong case for a particular program that will relieve… Read Article →

Virginia Beardshaw, Chief Executive of I CAN

We’re continuing our series of interviewing thought leaders in the disability focused part of the third sector (you can read our opening interview with Mark Lever here) . Today we’re very pleased to be interviewing the ever lovely Virginia Beardshaw, who is Chief Executive of I CAN, the children’s communication charity. Virginia was awarded an CBE this year in recognition of her tireless work and she was kind enough to… Read Article →