Bid sent to the Arts Council

At eQuality Time we believe that the more transparent an organisation is, the more effective it will be.

One of the things we’d like to be more transparent about is the funding application process.   We’ve just put in a bid to the Arts Council: here is the way that I described it to the directors of eQuality time:

The Arts Council has some funding available to, effectively, pay artists to create art and for over a year I’ve been getting around to writing a bid that says “Give us some money and we will pay 10 talented writers from groups that tend not be given time and space to write. We’ll put them in a room for a week and produce an amazing novel”.  The writers get paid and get better and we get to run TooManyCooks with all the safety catches off .

With some help we’ve finally submitted something.  It’s a form-based thing so it’s hard to give the exact application. However, we can give you something better – for grants I’ve started to get into the habit of preparing a document that answers all of the grant questions, but also includes all the other things we want to say.  You can read the arts council version here: The most public novel ever written.

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