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The funding applications that made us a better charity (even when we didn’t get them)

People who manage funds that give money to social projects are, by definition, great people having to make hard choices about the best place to put money. It’s also important that people who manage funds keep to the lowest possible overhead.  It takes money to keep applicants up to date and give feedback and we accept that it’s often the best choice to save money there. Some funders do provide a… Read Article →

Reviewers wanted for BATTLECRY

eQuality Time has a project we’ve been working on for some time.   It’s an artistic project and we’ve submitted to the arts council. We’ve been rejected.    Six times. Each time we got back over the project, make big changes or little changes (there are two ways that the arts council can reject you, one has a wonderful amount of artistic feedback, and the other gives almost no feedback, we’ve… Read Article →

Research Snapshot: White Water Writers Novel Analysis

In the last post I talked about my (Joe’s) failing to get good results about the White Water Writers project.    By contrast, today I’m posting about the far far better science done by our team at Keele University.  Below is  the abstract that they have sent to the AERA conference recently.  Some bits that I’m particularly interested in: “The process allows young people to explore issues through their novels, which… Read Article →


Counting ‘good’ edits, failing at science, and sneaky writers

The books we make with White Water Writers help the writers get better at writing and feel better at life. I’ve always believed that part of this was the time spent on checking the work – two whole days at the end of the week is nothing but checking. Or so I thought… We’ve been gathering information to create a research paper on White Water Writers. The ‘feel’ bit is… Read Article →


eQuality Time is offically a registered Charity!

“Dear Contact You have applied to register the above organisation as a charity. We are satisfied that EQUALITY TIME LTD is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1177233.” Yes, we have finally found time to offically register as a charity! The process involved jumping through a few hoops – changing our objectives as an organisation (the CC thought that… Read Article →

Open Source Medical Devices

The Open Voice Factory is an Open Source Medical Device, so when I saw a video called “Are We Ready for Open Source Medical Devices?” from Hackaday, I was interested. Althought Ashwin is much more hardware-focused than we are, but it’s worth watching the whole video, and my main highlights were: Ashwin gives a nod to the difficulty in registering medical devices “More than the topic of a PhD” – I’d… Read Article →

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Cover story

The books of White Water Writers have some amazing covers. Here’s two of my favourites. These were make by artists from the same schools as the writers. I love getting great art because yet another student will see their work be part of something really real. Like the writers, the artists work best when they know what to do and when to do it. Here’s what we ask of our artists… Read Article →

White Water Writers Research Snapshot.

The team at Keele Univesity have sent over their a snapshot of their recent research into the White Water Writers project we run  and we thought you might be interested in reading it. There’s a full PDF of the research, and a short summary below. Summary 179 secondary school students were given questionnaires before and after the White Water Writers intervention.    Student questionnaires showed statistically significant gains in: Writing skill Team… Read Article →

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Opening up our bid writing process

Most of eQuality Time’s projects need grant funding to run. So we’re keen to get good at writing grant applications. We also want to be as transparent as possible.  We decided to bring these things together. This blog post was created to document the process of applying to Virgin’s #iwill Take Action fund with the Supertitle project. The Virgin #iwill fund Take Action is awarding grants to organisations with the aim of … Read Article →

On Writing Prompts

I was asked for my thoughts on the writing prompts we use in the White Water Writers project today, and rather than write a long email I thought I’d write a medium blog post. For our writing projects, we start from three different places, depending on the situation. I want to talk about the advantages and also the constraints of each. Blank slate When I train new leaders at camps, and… Read Article →