Funding Application to Amazon

This week we applied for the Amazon Literary Partnership with White Water Writers We think we’ve got reasonably good odds: we tick all of the listed boxes. We’re also quite heavily involved in the Amazon Ecosystem (we publish our books there and we host the code on the Amazon Virtual Machines so we’re a fairly good use-case.

This application was also notable for being the first time we’ve used a professional fundraiser to work on the bid. We’ve never been great with written applications for funding (while being wonderfully and happily successful whenever we’ve presented live) and we judged that it was time to bring in some proper help. It’s been very interesting so far – lots of things were written in a different way than I would have: some things reordered, others removed, others emphasised. We’ll find out how much difference it makes in late May, which is when Amazon get back to us.

Update: we didn’t get the bid 🙁