New Flowers For Turing Website

One of the small projects of the last few months has been the complete rebuilding of the Flowers For Turing website.

It started as a small migration project – I’m a bit unhappy with our current webhost and wordpress in general so I wanted to move it to Github Pages site.

Of course, while actually doing the mirgation, I discovered five year old typos, poor layers, entirely missing pages, and generally poor presentation. So it ended up being a complete rewrite, and I’d like to thank everybody who helped with proofreading and testing.

In the process, and partly because of this, I also properly reviewed our Google Analytics, made sure things worked in the right browsers, and did Actual Internet Things like setting up a funnel in Analytics so that I can get some data about how people interact with the site before donating.

I also took the oppertunity to properly set up on Paypal as a Charity – a process which is much more paperwork than setting up with the UK goverment as a charity so we should benefit from reduced fees this year.