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AzuleJoe development push

We’re kicking AzuleJoe development up a gear over the summer.  We’ve got a schedule to keep for the Nesta Prize we won and we also want to be able to show off cool things at ISAAC 2016. Right now there are three major tasks to attack: Full implementation of special commands Currently, as you will have seen in the demo, users can write things like special::clear or special::deleteword in the… Read Article →

AzuleJoe Development Snapshot

This is a demonstration video showing the state of our AzuleJoe project as it is right now (for developers, the video was made around this commit).  The script for the video is included below. This is a demonstration video for AzuleJoe. We’re going to walk you through setting up an online speech aid for a new user.  Just to let you know. The screencast portions of this video are running… Read Article →

Singing for our supper

  Note from Joe: this note was written in the middle of February, and I’ve just found it, ironically, on the date that the Nesta prize was announced.  I’m presenting it unaltered here.  Yesterday was a big day for eQuality Time.  We were one of 10 finalists who pitched to Nesta’s team of judges for a £50,000 prize to launch AzuleJoe more widely. It was a simple 10 minute pitch… Read Article →