AzuleJoe Development Snapshot

This is a demonstration video showing the state of our AzuleJoe project as it is right now (for developers, the video was made around this commit).  The script for the video is included below.
This is a demonstration video for AzuleJoe. We’re going to walk you through setting up an online speech aid for a new user.  Just to let you know. The screencast portions of this video are running at double speed so that we can fit under five minutes. 
I’m going to start by opening the AzuleJoe page. This link is currently live and you are all welcome to use it. 
We provide a copyright free template for people to get started with, which I’m going to download.  
For this particular user I’m going to quickly alter the about me page. PowerPoint lets me quickly and easily move around images and text and I’m taking full advantage of this. 
I’m going to quickly save the presentation so far, and upload it to our server. I choose the nationality of the voice, and the size of the grid I’m using.  
Once the file is uploaded, AzuleJoe generates an online speech aid, which I’m going to give a quick check to.  
I’m also going to check it on my iPad, My Kindle Fire, and my Tesco Hudl.  In case of an emergency, I’m also going to check it works on a phone. All systems go.  Let’s see how the user likes it. 
I’m sending the link to the user’s staff team to see how they get on.  This is the video that I get back: 
Richard likes it, but he’s objecting – I’ve accidentally put the wrong age in.  No problem, it’s quick and easy for me to make edits, even 200 miles away.  
That’s your four minute introduction.  Hope you are willing to give it a go yourselves! 

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