Risk Assessment

We’re planning on moving The Open Voice Factory to a new server in a few weeks. and so I’ve reviewed and updated the Risk Assessment for the software. You can read it below.

We’ve always had a very very very hands-off attitdue to data for the Open Voice Factory – we don’t collect data on if particular aids are used or not, or how much. (we’ve recently started to monitor the generation site itself). We also try and be ultra smooth – you don’t need a username or password to access the site and we don’t collect any sort of information at all about people other than when people email us with technical queries.

All of which makes it quite difficult to warn people that the site might be offline for a while during the handover. Particularly when many of our users are from outside the UK (judging solely by the contents of my email inbox. The international aspect also makes it not obvious *when* to do the changeover. If I could garrentee everybody was in the UK then I’d throw the switch at 3am.

Now, if this is done right, there won’t be a break in service to worry about, and it’s very unlikely to affect many people (not least because I believe most of our recent use has been from people converting files into obz files for use in applications like Opikey) but it should be taken seriously.