Children in Need interview

We had our  Children in Need grant interview for the Supertitle project today.

It was interesting – the interviewer was thorough, and I certainly expect that any project with problems would have fallen to bits in the 90 minutes. Even thought (I like to think) we have a sound project I was caught out by some management questions. Even if the grant goes another way, the call was worthwhile as ‘proofreading’ of how we run eQuality Time. There were a few questions that we have an good answer to, but that we’ve yet to write down anywhere.   There are also a few policies that we have but haven’t got a system for reviewing.

I filled a couple of pages with notes that will make eQualty Time better.  I also need to get better at the process: there were figures and files that I should have had at my fingertips, and searching for them wasted both the interviewer’s time and my own.  Also the interviewer pointed out a problem with my code, which was embarrassing.

We’ll let you know how it goes.


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