For the next few months eQuality Time is going to be focusing it’s efforts on a complete rewrite of the code for the Open Voice Factory, as well as experimenting with creating virtual White Water Writer camps.

There’s a lot of reasons for the rewrite:

  • The old github repo is extremely large because it contains quite a lot of versioned PowerPoint files and other ‘stuff’ – we want a much smaller repo for people to check out and play with
  • The current architecture forces us to use a particular layout of input grids – we want something much smoother and more extendable
  • OVF is written in Python 2.7, a language that ended full support this year – it’s time to be working in python 3.
  • There are bugs – there are sneaking and horrible bugs lurking around and by the time we fish them all out we made as well have rewritten the whole codebase.
  • We want to release a new version of CommuniKate, which is ready to go, but we want to add some features to both the templates and the codebase at the same time – and it’s better to do it all at once.

You can keep up with the rewrite here:

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