Cover Artists Wanted!

We’re looking for artists. At MCM in October I saw various artists selling custom sketches for £20-£35 and thought “£50 worth of that sort of art would be good enough for us to use as a cover for White Water Writers books”.
So I contacted a bunch and we’ve had some awesome covers come through that I’m really pleased with. We’ve got several artists we’re now working with but we’d like to have more because that gives us a variety of styles and some resilience for when we’re doing six or so books in a week. So if you know anyone who does Good Art and would sell us a sketch for £50 of around this sort of quality please send them my way.
I’m hyper aware that artists should be paid fairly, and I want to be very clear that I’m NOT looking for “Produce me a high quality professional cover for this low fee” I’m looking for “Give us a sketch that we can use in our cover for this book that these kids made for this set fee”. It’s very much “£50 worth of your art” rather than “Do lots of art for £50”.
What I need is: Referrals to artists who you think might be interested. Ideally I want a sample of the sort of work they can produce for the fee.
You can see all my previous working on the ‘improve cover art for WWW’ project at and I’d be broadly interested in what people think of that.
Any ideas?

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