Long answer to a short funding question

Wrote this because we’ve been asked a simple question in a funding application wanted to put the reasoning somewhere in case we were asked about it in future.

We’ve got this question (it’s for Children In Need)

Over the duration of your project, how many children and young people in total will benefit from your project?

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Total     

We’re applying for funds to set up 60 supertitle camps in schools over three years. We’ll be starting them something like:

  • Year one: start 25 clubs
  • Year two: start 20 clubs
  • Year three: start 15 clubs.

From the pilot, a healthy club has an average attendance of say 10.  Also, I’m willing to put down the marker that 50% of clubs last more than 10 weeks (our research cut off) and 50% of those stop within a year).  I’m willing to say that clubs that last more than a year (we have to do some work on the restart after the holidays) will continue semi-permanently.

Making the simplifying assumption that all of the new camps for the year start on the same day (these are spherical clubs in a vacuum)

  • Year one starts with 25 clubs and ends with 13.
  • Year two starts with 33 (20+13) clubs and ends with 16 (10+6)
  • Year three starts with 31 clubs and ends with  18 (6+5+7).

We’re going to assume that each club has a healthy attendance at the start of the year and that any child that turns up gets a benefit. So that’s:

  • Year one 250 students benefit
  • Year two 330 students benefit
  • Year three 310 students benefit.

…and the benefit for this group eventually stabilises at 150 students a year, which we can probably push up quite a bit with a small bit more funding (not counting the fact that the project should become seriously self sustaining by that point).

The total is going to be tricky, because it’s not as simple as adding them up.  Hmm.  Oh, wait, no it isn’t because it’s straightforwardly the total number of camps set up multipled by the attendence, so 600.

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