Communication Matters

We’ll be presenting at Communication Matters 2019.

Our abstract is:

Last year Comic Relief gave us £45,000 to make copyright-free resources for AAC.  We made what we thought would work, interviewed some AAC VIPs and then found out that we’d built the wrong thing.  So we made them again. We repeated that process a couple of times and rewrote The Open Voice Factory (our free open source AAC-software) completely from scratch.

In this talk we’ll show you the software and pagesets we made. We’ll talk about the many ways we messed up. We’ll talk out being on the wrong end of fraud, being prepared to bankrupt our own organisation, crying down the phone at regulators, and about how it’s easier to talk to Lee Ridley than it is the RCSLT. This talk is for anyone who wants to share their work, anyone who has written a pageset, and anyone who’s ever been enraged by red tape.

…and we intend to live up to it.

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