Stepping down from the board of eQuality Time

Small movement happening here. I’ve stood down from the board of eQuality Time.

Me stepping down.

You might think this is an odd thing to do as I founded it and I’m the main driver of it. Actually it’s part of a sensible process. eQuality Time is currently a social enterprise, and we believe that it would be better structured as a registered charity. We always knew this might be a direction we would want to take in the future so the legal structure of the company was set up in such a way as to make it as easy as possible to transition to charity when we felt it was the right time.

When we convert to a charity our directors will become trustees, and as I’m paid by eQuality Time it’s inappropriate for me to be Trustee therefore I’m stepping down to become solely an employee. I’m looking forward to how we move forward as a charity rather than a social enterprise. I think it is going to be fun and I’ll be excited to share our happenings with you all as we move forward and continue to grow as a charity.

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