​​HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A Guide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition


Avid eQuality Time blog readers may remember in March last year, we posted an interesting article written by Shulamit Lando , about EMDR and her memoir, HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A Guide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition.

EMDR: How and Why?

HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A Guide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition is now launching its revised and expanded 2nd edition and is now INTERACTIVE – You read, you watch videos and you listen to audios of the author and other experts explaining and teaching you tips to better deal with the cards you’re dealt. This reading experience is so much more dynamic and fun!

You can buy the book direct from the author at the link below!


What others have said

“Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. I felt this was the kind of book I was desperately looking for when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Shulamit Lando’s honesty, authenticity and bravery make you feel as if you are not alone, and her simple but smart and powerful tips give you a brilliant toolkit to begin designing the healing journey you feel you need in order to create the life you want.”

~Shiri Ben-Arzi, medical coach, co-founder & CEO of MCI—The Medical Coaching Institute.

“Shulamit Lando’s book is a testimonial of a personal process in which she shares what I consider a real Healing Journey, because it’s not just about the physical body, but a growing and transformation path involving the mind, body and soul. She shares practical and down-to-earth tools that worked for her and may be useful for others with physical and emotional challenges.”

~Margarita Soberon CST-D, Founder and Director of Upledger Institute Mexico


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