Flowers for Turing 2016!

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It’s the time of year for the Flowers for Turing project!

In 2013, we thought we were going to do something small and cute.  We thought we were going to lay a few flowers at Alan Turing’s statue.

We ended up doing something that was incredibly successful and touched thousands and thoughts of people (You can read more about the project and the reaction we got on on the project website).  We got bigger in 2014, and bigger again in 2015.

Turing’s 104th Birthday – 23rd June

We’re doing it again this year. We’d like to get 104 bunches of flowers for his 104nd Birthday. We’re looking for people working in Universities/organisations/groups and we’ve also started taking pledges from individuals. Last year people paid £16.30 – £3.50 for the cost of the a bunch of flowers and the rest as a donation to SpecialEffect is a UK based charity which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. If we get 104 bunches of flowers, then we raise over £1,000 for SpecialEffect and that will make a big big difference.

Manchester city council have confirmed they are fine with it, and a couple of volenteers in Manchester  will help handle the set up and clean up.

How you can get involved

I’ll be doing various emails out and other ways of contacting people. But the long and short of it is, if you want to be involved, if you’d like a bunch of flowers placed at the statue in your name on the 23rd of June, then please donate here.

(Of course, if you are in Manchester, then you don’t need us, you can wander down on the day (as many people did last year) and add your own flowers, but we’d appreciate the charity donation).



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