Using AzuleJoe and CommuniKate 20 online

So in November we launched CommuniKate 20.  We were, and are, pretty proud of it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.48.54

In the last two months, something a little strange has happened, it’s been very popular, and interestingly we’re seeing more and more traffic to AzuleJoe, the demonstration software we use.  We’d intended that the demo page be used by SLTs  to have a look at the pageset before installing it on a device.  However, it turns out that there are  people using it as a first-order communication device:  they are  loading up the very basic CommuniKate demo without any customisation and using it to speak.

Obviously this is a surprise, and a pleasant one – it’s caught be slightly wrong footed thought and too a certain extent I’m scrambling to keep up.  This last week I put together a ‘how to use the demo’ video:

It’s a very short video – I wanted to show off the functionality without the people watching needing to be literate, and to work with short attention spans. It helps that the software is pretty low in functionality just yet…



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