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Long answer to a short funding question

Wrote this because we’ve been asked a simple question in a funding application wanted to put the reasoning somewhere in case we were asked about it in future. We’ve got this question (it’s for Children In Need) Over the duration of your project, how many children and young people in total will benefit from your project? Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total      We’re applying for funds to… Read Article →


Our (companies house) accounts for our 2017-2018 financial year are now viewable on the relevant page.

White Water Writers Wordcounts

Quick post because I found a file in our dropbox that hadn’t been processed properly. I checked how word count changed over time for 20 white water writers camps over a reasonable period. The camps are all (I think) early secondary school: the outliers are groups with particularly difficult circumstances.  This is what the chart looks like: (this is all very rough btw, I crunched the numbers in excel and… Read Article →

Flowers for Turing Report 2019

Note, this post would normally appear on the website, but I’m currently, ahem, locked out of that wordpress installation… So, this is what Alan Turing’s Status looked like on his birthday! You did this, once again you came together and did this, and you raised £2,100.15 for Special Effect. Accounting! Okay, the accounting part: We were again approached by a private donor, who, at our advice, sent £1,000 to… Read Article →

Communication Matters

We’ll be presenting at Communication Matters 2019. Our abstract is: Last year Comic Relief gave us £45,000 to make copyright-free resources for AAC.  We made what we thought would work, interviewed some AAC VIPs and then found out that we’d built the wrong thing.  So we made them again. We repeated that process a couple of times and rewrote The Open Voice Factory (our free open source AAC-software) completely from… Read Article →

Trustee Terms of Reference

One of the projects we ran recently was developing a ‘Terms of Reference’ for eQuality Time’s Trustees. There were two reasons: So that current trustees don’t overwork themselves So that new trustees know what they are getting in for. The project ran in this GitHub issue (like, much of our work, it was done publicly) and the result looks like this:   Equality Time Practical Expectations eQuality Time trustees set… Read Article →

Balance sheet at the start of 2019

As per our previous post, we’re making a big effort to improve our finance systems at eQuality Time.   As part of this, we’ve changed how we look at financial statements internally. We believe in transparency at eQuality Time, so here’s our Current Balance Sheet.  Once we’ve got a few more months of good practice under our belts we’ll move a set of them to our about page.

Reporting on our finances

One of the cool parts of the Comic Relief bid that we won was that they ring fenced some money for us to spend on hiring a consultant to improve our policies and procedures. This was really good, like everybody else we assume that we’re mostly on top of everything: accounts filed on time, thorought checking of expanse claims, keeping our spending under budget; but we intend to grow, and… Read Article →


New release for Open Voice Factory!

This Friday we’ll be updating the Open Voice Factory website.  There WON’T be much of a change for users, but there will be quite a lot of back end changes that make life a bit easier for us to add new features. The alteration WON’T affect any existing aids that have been generated, but it might mean that there is some downtime that prevents new aids from being created. Our notes for the release are… Read Article →