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Sir Halley Stewart Trust Bid

  At eQuality Time we believe that the more transparent an organisation is, the more effective it will be. One of the things we’d like to be more transparent about is the funding application process.  We’ve just sent off one to Sir Halley Stewart Trust so we wanted to share the application here (Some personal details have been redacted). One thing that was particularly interesting about this application is that… Read Article →

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Is it now illegal to administer a service online for someone with disabilities?

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has handed down a very important decision on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act…. Its reasoning appears to be very broad. If I’m reading it correctly, it says that if you tell people not to visit your website, and they do it anyway knowing you disapprove, they’re committing a federal crime of accessing your computer without authorization. (link) This has been… Read Article →


Flowers for Turing 2016

  A quick note to tell readers that Flowers for Turing 2016 completed recently.   The total raised was around £2050,  almost trebling last years total! You can read more about the event – including photos, videos, and roll of honour, on the Flowers for Turing subsite.

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CommuniKate: Github and new website

Two cool CommuniKate things to tell you about! Website We’ve updated the CommuniKate website: It was something we thought carefully about for a while, but we wanted a site that focused on the ‘things that help’ rather than the ‘story about the things that help’.   The blog aspects have gone (news and development will be posted here) and the layout has been updated to focus on what’s important: the… Read Article →

Bid sent to the Arts Council

At eQuality Time we believe that the more transparent an organisation is, the more effective it will be. One of the things we’d like to be more transparent about is the funding application process.   We’ve just put in a bid to the Arts Council: here is the way that I described it to the directors of eQuality time: The Arts Council has some funding available to, effectively, pay artists… Read Article →

AzuleJoe: why PowerPoint?

Today we’re going to go into a little bit of detail about a choice we made when building our test version of the Open Voice Factory. One of the unusual things about the video we put out a few months back is the choice of using PowerPoint to edit AAC pagesets.  We’d like to talk about that in a bit more detail today (there was some technical detail about the… Read Article →


Flowers for Turing 2016!

It’s the time of year for the Flowers for Turing project! In 2013, we thought we were going to do something small and cute.  We thought we were going to lay a few flowers at Alan Turing’s statue. We ended up doing something that was incredibly successful and touched thousands and thoughts of people (You can read more about the project and the reaction we got on on the project… Read Article →


Chemistry Accessibility

The Royal Society of Chemistry have just put up a disability-focused report I wrote for them.    The report was interesting to research and write, and the team were smart and fun to work with. I’d like to use this post to show some good practice things that the RSC did that I’d like other large bodies or companies to start doing. The framing The RSC was an interesting client. They’d… Read Article →


AzuleJoe development push

We’re kicking AzuleJoe development up a gear over the summer.  We’ve got a schedule to keep for the Nesta Prize we won and we also want to be able to show off cool things at ISAAC 2016. Right now there are three major tasks to attack: Full implementation of special commands Currently, as you will have seen in the demo, users can write things like special::clear or special::deleteword in the… Read Article →