The always up to date list of teacher blogs.

This is a list of the top teacher blogs by traffic ranking. It updates automatically every 24 hours so you see realtime changes.

It was built because we spent some time looking for good blogs maintained by teachers and we found very little – we think other people might have the same problem so we’re making our list public (also, the more submissions that people give us, the better the list gets for everybody – that’s what happened with this list, which has four times as many entries as it originally did).

To get on this list, there are two conditions:

  1. you must be regularly (but not exclusively; many of these bloggers explore a range of topics) posting about some aspect of teaching.
  2. For fairness, the blog should be the reason that most people come to your site, not the only reason, but it should be the main one.

The second reason is pragmatic – we use the domain Alexa scores to work out the relative popularity of each domain.  This means there are problems with, for example, the TES blog  –  the main reason that people go there is probably not for that blog. So we can’t really use the Alexa ranking as a good measurement for that one.

The list of blogs used as the source list is growing and shrinking as the process goes on. If there is a website that should be on that list, please let us know.

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