The Always Up-To-Date list of the top 60 disability blogs

This is a list of the top 60 disability blogs by traffic ranking. It updates automatically every 24 hours so you see realtime changes. We maintain it because we are keen to share information and good practice from anywhere it may be.

To get on this list, there are two conditions:

  1. you must be regularly (but not exclusively; many of these bloggers explore a range of topics) posting about some aspect of disability.
  2. For fairness, the blog should be the reason that most people come to your site, not the only reason, but it should be the main one.

The second reason is pragmatic: Ouch, is probably the world’s most read disability blog, but the main reason that people go to is probably not for that blog. So we can’t really use the Alexa ranking as a good measurement.

This is the list of blogs used as the source list. It’s growing and shrinking as the process goes on and it’s now at about 386 different sites. If there is a website that should be on that list, please let us know.

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26 thoughts on “The Always Up-To-Date list of the top 60 disability blogs

  1. Helena Wate

    Hi Joe, I think this site is amazing and I appreciate what you’re doing. πŸ™‚ Would it be possible to add our blog at: to your list? Not quite sure if we qualify but we’re a disability charity which tries to encourage more opportunities for people to contribute and socialise. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Discover Ability

    Hi Joe, Thank you for (continuing to ) put together this list it’s a great resource and I’ve already used it a lot as there doesn’t seem to be any other comprehensive listing like it!
    I’ve been working in the area of disabilities for a long time. I decided to write down some of my own and others thoughts about disability and employment / supported employment – here at we would really appreciate being added to list!

    1. Joe Reddington Post author

      Hi Debra,

      I really love the work you guys do – and you are welcome to get in touch about a feature or similar – but I suspect that you aren’t a ‘blog’ (in that most of your traffic is about the product rather than the news) sorry.

  3. Rosellen Reif

    Hi Joe! Thank you for keeping this amazing resource up to date, I’ve found so many wonderful blogs through your list! I wonder if my blog could be included? I’m a Professional Counselor who works exclusively with people and families affected by disability, and I blog with them in mind at Thank you again!


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