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Interview Paul Woodgate from the Wellcome Trust

Interview time! We got some nice feedback about the interview we did with the with EPSRC Assistive Sandpit organiser Anna Angus-Smyth – it turns out that my PhD and postdoc readers quite enjoy finding out what makes funders tick.  So today we have an interview with Paul Woodgate from the Wellcome Trust- who I’m interviewing […]

Interview: Liat Ben-Moshe, Disability Incarcerated

Interview time!   Liat Ben-Moshe is Assistant Professor of Disability Studies at the University of Toledo. She holds a PhD in Sociology with concentrations in Gender Studies and Disability Studies from Syracuse University. Her recent work examines the connections between prison abolition and deinstitutionalization in the fields of intellectual disabilities and mental health in the […]

Interview: Anna Angus-Smyth on Assistive Sandpits

  Interview time! I’ve been hearing a lot about the EPSRC Assistive, Adaptive and Rehabilitative Technologies Sandpit – a research event that is attempting to get rising stars of assistive technology all into the same place for a week in September to see what ideas spring up. More than one of you mailed in to tell […]

Interview: Ian Thompson, Liberator Managing Director

Following on from  interviews we did recently with Paraclimbing World Champion Fran Brown,  disability sex champion Tuppy Owens, and especially, AssistiveWare CEO, David Niemeijer, we now present Ian Thompson,  Managing Director of  Liberator.        Liberator have long been a stalwart of the AAC world. According to their website they produce communication aids that:  “support a wide […]

Interview: Tuppy Owens, specialist in sex and disability

Following on from the interview we did recently with Paraclimbing World Champion Fran Brown, and then David Niemeijer, Founder and CEO of AssistiveWare, we have a special one today…. Tuppy Owens is a qualified sex therapist and the founder of Outsiders, which supports disabled people to find partners. She also runs the Sex and Disability […]

Interview:AssistiveWare CEO David Niemeijer, where AAC is and where it’s going.

Following on from the interview we did recently with Paraclimbing World Champion Fran Brown, which was very well received, we interview David Niemeijer, who is the Founder and CEO of  AssistiveWare, makers of the famous Proloquo2Go.    AssistiveWare were very much at the vanguard of the tablet revolution in AAC that I keep banging on about, and they […]

An interview with Paraclimbing Champion Fran Brown

  Today we have our first interview! Fran Brown became a Paraclimbing World Champion in Paris in September 2012, and is we catch her just after winning gold at the Paraclimbing Bouldering International Open 2013, in Laval in France.  Fran climbs in the NPD B class classification and you can find out much more about her at either http://www.franbrown.org.uk/ or […]