Author: Mark Saville

A Mod for Ryan

SpecialEffect is a charity that targets something which often gets overlooked – people with physical disabilities have lives beyond simply ‘being disabled’ and want to enjoy themselves. We provide the specialist technology, advice and support for everyone to benefit from the fun, friendship and inclusion of video games, leisure technology and communication. We know there’s […]


A real honour to benefit from Joe’s Brilliant Flowers for Turing idea last month, and huge and sincere thanks to Joe and everyone who donated.

The money you raised will go directly towards helping people with physical disabilities experience a better quality of life through activities like video games. It’s work that involves a range of approaches, including modifying or creating gaming setups that we can loan and support. As there’s no one-size-fits-all way of doing this, we visit people across the UK to find out exactly what they want to play, what they need to play it, and then put together setups around their individual abilities.