New release for Open Voice Factory!

This Friday we’ll be updating the Open Voice Factory website.  There WON’T be much of a change for users, but there will be quite a lot of back end changes that make life a bit easier for us to add new features.

The alteration WON’T affect any existing aids that have been generated, but it might mean that there is some downtime that prevents new aids from being created.

Our notes for the release are here.  The short summary looks like this:

  • Added: The python code now generates correct OBF!
  • Added: Many more python tests have been added and are passing.
  • Added: Some javascript tests have been added and are passing.
  • Refactoring: Lots of refactoring to make life easier.
  • Cleanup: We’ve removed some older files that were getting in the way.
  • Fixed: an issue were border colors weren’t been identified properly. 27faccc
  • Minor: logos and readme files updated.
  • bugfix Issues #92, #113

This should be the first of a series of releases over the next few weeks, you can find out more about our plans by look at our roadmap.

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