About eQuality Time

eQuality Time is social enterprise with charitable objectives in the form of a company limited by guarantee.  It’s Company Number is 91997133 and it is registered at: 302 Cannon Hill Lane, London, SW20 9HN.  Its mission is to employ original critical thinking to solve problems of inclusion and equality through the use of technology and education.


You can find out about our directors here.

Governing Documents

We incorporated as a social enterprise on 31st August 2014. Our articles of incorporation and memorandum are here. They show the type of organisation we envisage, the responsibilities of the directors,  and the rules that govern our conduct.


  • Accounts for y/e 2015 are here.
  • Accounts for y/e 2016 are here.
Our year end is August 31st – partly because we incorporated on that date, and partly because we do a lot of work with schools and it is useful to have an accounting year that matches the school year).

Meeting Minutes

We’ve experimented with a variety of meeting types during the organisation’s existence.   We’ve done online only via Google Docs, and via Google Plus, which were interesting experiments but which were broadly unsuitable. We now quarterly meetings alternating between in-person and Skype group calls.
Our meeting minutes are in this folder.



Our insurance documents


We’ve been fairly active blogging funding successes and fails, project progress, and the highs and lows of being a new organisation.   Here are all our articles that relate to the organisation or one of its projects.